10 Tools To Help You Manage Your Photography Business

If you have a photography business, or even thinking about starting one up, here are some very useful tools to help you get it going in the right direction.

Father & Son, Hanging out

10 Tools To Help You Manage Your Photography Business : Virtual Photography Studio – Digital Photography Business Guide To Resources, Products and Information.

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  • Notso Swift

    …but those Footon guys have white bar tape matched to the hoods and saddle isn’t that PRO???

    • http://www.nonprocycling.com/ norbs

      I didn’t even see the bikes. My eyes close as soon as I see the jerseys.

      • Notso Swift

        LOL It isn’t their worst picture, there is one of them doing a TTT, in the wet, Giro I think (shudder)
        Now I will not be able to sleep tonight as the nightmare images come flooding back

  • Lewy

    I am staying firmly planted in the Tissue Box.

    Great post mate

  • Gturk

    Regarding what we wear and what colour bar tape I have no comment …. but the footon boys give a good reason for black nicks !!!!!!

    Great post on the hurt box ….. totally agree. At my stage of life cycling is for pleasure not pain. Somedays I put a bit of serious effort in with a reasonable challenge but others I cruise along enjoying the ride …. sometimes wobbling a bit in my retro kit.

  • yarravalleyplodder

    I am new to cycling and have really only been getting fit for the last 15 months, I am also leaving my 30’s soon. While I dont mind a bit of pain I definitely dont want to be doing every time I ride or run.
    I am targeting a sub 60min 10k run and a guy at work tells me I need to do hill repeats and do interval training. I tried it and it wasnt fun, he says well whats your goal and I say, to get out there push myself but I need to enjoy it, so I persist with what I see as fun and not painful.
    Its the same on the bike, happy to do the 1:20 on the weekend but the next ride I want a little flat stuff. The main point is I am out there on the bike
    Great post, but still orange bar tape!

  • http://6amers.com/ Duke6amer

    Great post mate, did our talk the other day inspire the topic did it???

    To answer your question I actually think the pain is addictive so for me it’s a bit of both.
    I guess it comes from a couple of other well known quotes used in similar situations.
    1. Pain is only temporary but glory is forever.
    2. Pain is the weakness leaving my body.

    On a more serious note, what a way to destroy the bling look of that Fuji bike. Noooo!!!