The day I got hooked to live-view, well not me actually.

Obviously, I am using a camera that is roughly four years old. My camera, a Canon EOS 5D doesn’t have the convenience or gimmick, depending on how you look at it, of Live View.

Here is a good article taking up the Live View feature. I have never used Live View on a DLSR, so I am not in the best position to comment, but I think this article makes some very valid points.

The day I got hooked to live-view | All Day I Dream About Photography.

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  • Martin

    I prefer to use the optical viewfinder on my 50D most of the time, particularly when hand-holding the camera.

    However, when doing long exposures or landscapes with the camera on a tripod, then LiveView is definitely convenient.

  • Gearoid towey

    I totally Agree with your closing sentence. No need for it, comes across like a football hooligan not a champion. He always bangs on about his role models in the sport……needs to step into the shoes of being a role model now (well deserved too) and realise that people are looking up to him

  • Smithcorp

    As they say, he is a role model. Just not a very good one. If cycling is to clean up, it has to be from inside. That means marquee riders need to speak out and not be defensive.

    • norbs

      Well done Smiss, you got a mention on the Velocast Podcast for that comment. :)

  • Sam B

    I agree this language is inappropriate. There is a better way to express himself about the issues of concern to him. I am of the view that cycling is a classy sport and there is no need for fthis public behavior.

    Cadel would never say those things in public.

  • Brad Hosking

    Here’s the problem – two video’s Norbs in two days. Both with a C-Bomb. I enjoy my son watching the tour, but I think I will be switching off the TV if mutton-chops is going to talk!