The World is an Amazing Place, A Worldwide Moment and Mac photo software.

As a hack photographer, everywhere I go I see photographic opportunities. Here is a link that pretty much sums up the way I see the world, and I think it is relevant to most photographers.

The World is an Amazing Place.

Here is a very interesting idea.

The concept calls for people to take photographs at the exact same moment in celebration of this event. Whether you are comfortable at home, hard at work, or in the middle of fighting for a cause you believe in, Worldwide Moment wants you to participate and share in this moment.

Worldwide Moment | Home.

Own a Mac and wondering about what software to use for your photography? Check this out.

The Ultimate Mac Setup for Photographers (50 Apps) – Mac.AppStorm.

And now another photo of mine from the archives.

Alone, with a tree. (PSD)

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  • Leanne

    Thanks for the link to The World is an Amazing Place, Todd! I’m glad you liked the post.

  • best photographers

    Thanks for your info.

  • Jodi Gibson

    I’m still undecided as to what difference it would make. History would tell us that American’s love someone who tells the truth eventually. Bill Clinton, Arnie, Marion Jones. But I think that this conspiracy is so involved and there have been too many denials for Lance to gain any credibility at all from formerly admitting guilt. I don’t know.

  • Duke6amer

    About tme but honestly until he confesses (which he never will) then too many people will continue to support him weather in the public eye or not. He’s a disgrace!!!

    I just hope he eventually gets criminally charged & hauled to court then jail along with all the other ring-leaders like Bruyneel & the heads of the UCI.
    They all must be held accountable for their actions or in-actions as the case may be.
    Until that happens then nothing is going to change the sport…